Main purpose of job
The L1 NOC Operator shall implement the current activities aimed at maintaining in operational status the bi-directional satellite networks, as well as other digital data and TV distribution and broadcast services, following general purposes and system and services specific procedures agreed and in coordination to on duty Controllers.

Main responsibilities:
• Respect a 24/7 shift, requiring working days including Saturdays and Sundays and working hours that include night shifts.
• Put in place the necessary configurations to allow remote stations to be entered in Network Operational Database and to insure the set-up of services, according to specific procedures relevant to the requested services.
• Provide assistance to Customers in insuring the set-up, activation and entering into service of remote terminal equipment, putting in place the required procedures to insure qualification and validation of remote installations to be allowed entering the networks and being able to provide the requested service.
• Monitor the whole networks and single remotes status and performance, he/she shall provide assistance to Customers in solving specific anomalies that may be related to single or multiple remote installations, using specific procedures and identifying the sources of service unavailability or service level degradation.
• Interact with Customers in the field via web interaction, email and voice communication, insuring a good level of communication and helping Customers of different nationalities and cultures to solve complex problems that may be involving local infrastructure.
• Regularly implement a number of procedures in order to continuously monitor system and service performance, he/she will escalate to on duty Controllers those events that are not covered by specific procedures or that are not manageable by his knowledge basis.

• Previous experience inside a NOC is a plus.
• Excellent knowledge of spoken and written English language.
• The Operator function will be assured on a 24/7 basis. Working hours are arranged in three shifts of 9 hours each (8 working hours + 1 hour break).


Contract: 1 year fixed term contract, extendable to permanent job