Field Operations Officer ( Junior installation manager) - Europe

The position of Field Operations Officer ( FO_Off ) is in charge of the management of interventions on customer site in a geographical area entrusted to him in Europe. The interventions are carried out by partners within the framework of outsourced services.

The position is attached to the Head of Field Operations.


Main responsibilities:

The FO_Off coordinate, supports and monitors the outsourced teams in charge of actions relating to the installation and / or troubleshooting of equipment on the customer's site.

The scope of his position will be as follows: 

  • Coordination of field deployment activities and submission of Work orders to the selected partners
  • Daily Operations on Salesforce platform to manage intervention at customer premises
  • Monitoring of the intervention management processes on customer’s site which has been defined         
  • Monitoring of the partnerships relating to outsourced services within its scope         
  • Forecasting, controlling of activities of its scope         
  • Supporting a continuous improvement of the processing chain relating to its scope in order to maximize the satisfaction of customers and partners         
  • Monitor the progress of planned activities and ensure the respect of the deadlines alerting in case of delays


The FO_Off has for internal clients:

▪ The other departments of the Operations Department (Customer Relations Center / Technical Operations / Business Operations / Logistics Management )

▪ The accounts of the wholesalers partners that cooperate to the activity

▪ Management Control regarding the proper management of the financing of on-site interventions


The FO_Off is in charge for monitoring, controlling and following indicators (not exhaustive) on its scope :  

  • Compliancy with the timeline planned
  • Time and quality of installation and / or intervention on customer’s site         
  • Cost of installation         
  • Satisfaction delivered to customers
  • % of successful interventions


The FO_Off guarantees the operational monitoring and budget consistency of the activities of its scope.


Qualifications and experience

▪ Minimum 2 years of experience in a similar business environment

▪ good knowledge and experience of leading highly operational teams and in the field

▪ knowledge of ' one of the market's next: Support and Repair / Specialty Retail High-Tech / Telecommunications s 

▪ Good communication and good decentralized management skills

▪ Ease of steering by rudder (taste for analyzing numbers)

▪ Ability to adapt to organizational changes (flexibility and openness), taste for challenges

▪ Mastery of IT tools

▪ English (and French) written and spoken fluently


Other elements concerning the position:

- Based at HQ or any of the subsidiary of Eutelsat - Where the candidate (s) selected (s) would be taken to travel at least 1 times per quarter in Europe.