Facility & maintenance Expert


TheFacility&Maintenance Expert is responsible for ensuring proper operation and maintenance of the Turin teleport as well as  its compliance with all applicable local and international laws requirements (including keeping up to date the relevant documentation certifying conformity)  and guaranteeing a safe environment for personnel. She/He will act as point of contact in case of all emergency situations relevant to facilities and systems.


The role

Management of the building and facilities at Turin teleport by:

  • Performing/Overseeing the maintenance (ordinary and extraordinary), repair and renovation of buildings and its infrastructure (electrical system, air conditioning system, alarm/video surveillance systems; electrical generator, plumbing, sewer systems, heating and other teleport facility systems);
  • Monitoring and supervising suppliers and service providers following-up contracts;
  • Drafting documentation for the procurement of facility-related services, building and renovation works and furniture or equipment;
  • Providing data and status reports for the preparation and monitoring of the annual building and facilities budget;
  • maintain records and retrieve data related to work performed by using computerized record-keeping systems on facility.


Support the SSM Manager  to ensure a safe work environment as requested by the Italian work safety laws (D. Lgs. 81/2008) by;

  • Regularly cooperate with the RSSP (Responsabile Servizio Sicurezza e Prevenzione)  in order to ensure availability and update of all relevant documentation;
  •  adopt  all needed internal organizational measures;
  • Identify, report and correct safety hazards;
  • ensure first aid and emergency preparedness supplies;
  • ensure a safe work site during repairs or maintenances;


ISO9001, 27001 and 14001 certifications: update processes and ensure availability of requested documentation/evidences in view of MRM, internal and external audits.



  • 5 year experience of general facilities, systems maintenance and repairing;
  • Electrical Distribution systems;
  • Cabling, Air Conditioning and site infrastructure engineering;
  • Knowledge of safety regulations;
  • Knowledge of local and national laws and requirements related to facilities management;
  • English language;
  • Autocad (or similar);
  • Capability to read and working with blueprints, manuals,diagrams, and other instructional materials;
  • collect, analyze, and evaluate data;
  • analyze situations and take appropriate actions during emergencies;
  • strong organizational skills and communication skills;
  • ensure availability for emergencies which may arise after regular work.