Cyber Security Engineer

The Cyber Security Engineer supports Cyber Security Manager within Ground Segment Engineering team . The main duty of this position is the support of incident security related, evolution of security tools in accordance of corporate security policies defined under the framework of ISMS system, implements change requests for the implementation of security policies or to fix vulnerabilities into system infrastructure and executes pro-active assessment of  system security using state-of-art tools.

This role is classified as ISMS user following ISMS classification of employee’s role.



  • Supports the definition of security policies in accordance with corporate policies to protect data, process and application.
  • Support Security Incident Management
  • Implements and manages security tool used to analyze system infrastructure
  • Executes proactive/reactive security assessment against system infrastructure, ie servers, routers, firewall, applications, databases, identity management to check/verify presence of any vulnerabilities
  • Produces, in relation with corporate security policies, periodic report regarding the result of security tests
  • Supports the implementation of new services, system, infrastructure with focus on impact on security policies.
  • Support the processes risk management within technical department and the plan for disaster recovery
  • Keeps track of new vulnerabilities that can impact system infrastructure and suggests workaround/mitigation plan
  • Is requested to abide by the security policies and procedures in force for her/his operational role
  • Is requested to report to the ISMS practitioner or ISMS Manager of all observed security issues



  • Solid knowledge in penetration testing techniques and tool and vulnerabilities assessment.
  • Strong experience and detailed technical knowledge in security engineering, system and network security, authentication and security protocols, cryptography, and application security.
  • Knowledge of well known vulnerabilities assessment methodology, ie ISECOM OSSTMM or OWASP, preferred.
  • Strong experience with security related equipment, as Firewall, IDS, IDP, web-filtering
  • Experience in Linux and Solaris server administration
  • Experience with network monitoring tools and protocols, netflow, IPFIX, SNMP, netconf, and mitigation techniques against DOS and DDOS.
  • Knowledge of international security standard, ie ISO27001, preferred.
  • Good communication skill, ability to work independently and in a team
  • Excellent analysis and troubleshooting skills
  • High ability to work under pressure
  • Innovative and creative thinking transparent, open and self-critical strong conceptional capabilities  in all dimensions.