Senior Security Engineer (M/F)

Senior Security Engineer (M/F)


With a fleet of 39 satellites serving broadcasters, video service providers, telecom operators, ISPs and government agencies operating across Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas, Eutelsat is one of the leading operators in the commercial satellite business.

We were created as an international organization in 1977, launched our first satellite in 1983 and became a private company in 2001. This long and rich track record makes us one of the most experienced commercial satellite operators in the world.

Eutelsat satellites are used for video broadcasting, satellite newsgathering, broadband services, data connectivity, connecting airplanes and ships, enabling mission-critical government and NGO communications needs, and more.

Our focus is on delivering the highest quality of service through technological performance, market expertise and innovation.




Job description summary 


The Senior Security Engineer works within Operational security team in the DSops department.

The main duty of this position is to identify, observe and analyze potential information security risks and develop strategies for preventing threats and quickly addressing breaches. It is tasked to lead or support, when needed,  IT risk assessment project-by-project, to put in place system, hardware and/or software, to monitor/mitigate/analyze the IT infra in terms of IT security, to manage security incident management process and to define KPIs and performance metrics to measure the health of IT system in terms of information security.



Missions :


  • Run risk assessment within Dsops department supporting all initiative project-by-project.
  • Support the procurement/development of any new product/project needed to reinforce or ensure security within DSops
  • Define and lead implementation of KPIs and performance metrics definitions.
  • Participates to procedures and documentation creation and validation processes.
  • Ensures the correct implementation of corrective and preventive actions.
  • Point of contact for external requests and audits/reviews related to data security
  • Responsible for incident management, audits, tests and related reporting
  • Ensures that detected non-conformities are correctly managed and solved.
  • Interlocutor with all security specific interest groups and authorities.



Special knowledge and skills 


  • Knowledge of well known vulnerabilities assessment methodology, ie ISECOM OSSTMM or OWASP, preferred.
  • Strong knowledge of risk assessment methodology, with preference for eBios and ISO 27005.
  • Knowledge of security related equipment, as Firewall, IDS, IDP, web-filtering.
  • Knowledge of the incident handling approaches and processes.
  • Knowledge of log correlation and SIEM software, i.e. Splunk software.
  • Good communication skill, ability to work independently and in a team
  • Excellent analysis and troubleshooting skills