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Network Engineer (based in Cagliari)

The job position, within the Satellite Broadband & Networking team and based in Cagliari Teleport, will have a focus on the design of service/infrastructure and on the management and operation of IP/MPLS network, used to provide broadband satellite services both via KONNECT satellite and via any other Eutelsat, and not, satellites.

The main duty of this position is to design data system, develop and/or implement change requests and to support operational staff for incident resolution. This position also provides specialist support for problem investigation and resolution.


Main responsibilities:

  • Design new satellite broadband services regarding integration with MPLS/IP network and the evolution of system infrastructure.
  • Implement change request on network infrastructure
  • Troubleshoot issue associate with network equipment and manage interactions with networking providers
  • Monitor network infrastructure using monitoring tool provided by Monitoring team
  • Provide feedback to Monitoring team to improve monitoring capability of network infrastructure
  • Operate and manage day-by-day network backbone
  • Support IT staff for the management of corporate network
  • Operate and Manage Corporate data center, security and network devices
  • Manage IP address allocation within Skylogic network
  • Develop scripts and procedure to automate network provisioning and troubleshooting


ISMS User Key Activities:

  • is requested to abide by the security policies and procedures in force for her / his operational role
  • is requested to report to the ISMS Manager of all observed security issues



  • Expert knowledge in general telecommunications and networks with at least 2 years of IP/MPLS networks experience.
  • Expertise in network operation and troubleshooting
  • Operational experience with Juniper and Cisco routing and switching equipment
  • IP routing protocols and networking standards: OSPF, BGP, IPv4, IPv6, MPLS (LDP,RSVP, L3VPN, L2VPN), Multicast
  • Network certification (or equivalent training/experience) preferred (CCNP, JNCNP).
  • Experience with standard network change management and configuration Policies
  • Experience with scripting languages, and automation software, ie python, ansible
  • Ability to work in Team
  • High ability to work under pressure
  • Problem solving abilities
  • High degree of commitment and diligence
  • Excellent written and oral skills in English
  • Ability to perform well in diverse settings and cultures
  • Readiness to travel willingness to work flexible hours.


Location: Cagliari (Italy)