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Flight Dynamics Engineer M/F

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Who You Are: 

While working within procedures and rules, perform all flight dynamics activities necessary to maintain the satellites operating within their specified orbit slots, while maximising the propellant lifetime of the satellites and following QMS standards and Ctl_Sat Security Management System requirements.

Ensure the activities are carried out in compliance with Service Operations security policy.


What You’ll Do:

  1. Operations: Ensure that the in-orbit satellites are kept within the specified control windows by executing the necessary FD operational activities with maximum safety, while maximising the propellant lifetime of the satellites. Anticipate and avoid any risks to operations. Close approach analysis. Perform real-time problem identification and resolution. Provide support in case of an orbital anomaly. Provide on-call support to real-time operations. The highest standards are to be maintained to give the maximum safety of the satellites and continuity of services. The operational activities are to be executed following the QMS standards.
  2. Facilities: Specification of facilities for the support of operations. The specifications must comply with the requirements of the satellite manufacturers and the EUTELSAT operational philosophy. Follow-up of implementation of facilities by contractors. This involves review of offers from providers, close monitoring and influencing of the software and system designs, and testing and validation of the facilities. Perform various other activities, such as preparation of facilities for a new satellite, including database installation and testing, real-time problem identification and eventually resolution.
  3. Strategies and reports: Monitor and bookkeeping of propellant use. Perform lifetime predictions and FD operations analysis and reports to ensure compliance with objectives. Analyse and propose improvements of the in orbit control strategies and processes. Perform other analysis and reports in other areas covered by the Flight Dynamics Unit.
  4. Exchange of data: Dissemination of operations data and co-ordination with other operational entities. Exchange of data where necessary e.g. with the Satellite Control Engineers, Ground Facilities Section, Satellite Procurement, etc. Provision of regular manoeuvre reports and liaison with satellite manufacturers where appropriate. Data provision to SSA data providers for close approach analysis. Data exchange must follow the information security requirements as defined by the Ctl_Sat Security Management System.


What it Takes: 


Niveau de connaissances

Expérience préalable

Degree in a relevant engineering or scientific discipline.

2 years experience of celestial mechanics, knowledge of synchronous satellite design and station keeping, plus flight dynamics software knowledge and techniques



Types de connaissances requises

Niveau de maîtrise





Celestial mechanics and station keeping.





Flight dynamics facilities specification and design; and relevant mathematical methods.





FD software usage, procedures language.





General geosynchronous satellite design and operations.






Relations en interne

Satellite Controllers: Provision of data relevant to the flight dynamics related activities of the SCC.

Satellite Control Engineers: Exchange of data necessary to operations and provision of manoeuvre data.

Ground Control Systems Section: Participation in the FD related ground systems, including provision of technical requirements, proposals evaluation, functional design analysis, systems testing and validation.

Ing_Sat: Review where appropriate FD elements related to new projects, such as MA and exchange this information with the system experts. Provide elements for the consideration of the ARB where necessary.

Relations en externe

Satellite manufacturers: FD related activities, including MA review, ground software requirements, manoeuvre performance reports and analysis. Provision of feedback to yearly reviews and follow actions of the in-orbit support teams in the FD area.

Ground systems providers: Review of technical proposals, facilities design, test and validation.

SDA & JSpOC: Provision of orbital information for satellite close approach computation, analysis of close approaches.


  1. Ensure maximum possible satellites safety: Respect all the requirements, recommendations and constraints. Anticipate and avoid any error causing or endangering a service outage, loss of satellite function/redundancy or additional fuel usage.
  2. In case of any service outage involving any thruster activity, as far as possible ensure all engineering actions are taken to restore the orbit and plan the required recovery manoeuvres, if any, with the minimum possible delay whilst maintaining satellite safety. All activities shall be carried out in close co-ordination with the rest of satellite recovery actions.
  3. Satisfy the customer operational requirements: Keep the satellites within the orbital windows.
  4. Maximise the in-orbit availability of satellites to provide commercial services: While giving the highest priority to the day-to-day operational activities, provide highest reliable operations service and anticipate or avoid any risk situation that could jeopardise the service continuity.
  5. Maximise the satellite propellant lifetime whilst satisfying the existing constraints.

Contribute to the improvement of the FD service.


Where You’ll Be:

Issy les Moulineaux 



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Issy-Les-Moulineaux, FR

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